Parts of speech কাকে বলে? Parts of speech কয় প্রকার ও কি কি?l

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correlative conjunctions:
Correlative conjunctions are pairs of conjunctions such as both … and, either … ..or, neither …… nor etc. used in the sentences to link words, phrases and clauses
correlative conjunctions connect with two words or phrases or clauses that are the same structure and are grammatically similar. That means nouns are linked to nouns, adjectives to adjectives, prepositional phrases to prepositional phrases.
Correlatives conjunctions are:
both … .and, either … .or, neither … .nor, not only … .but also, so … .that, such … .that, no sooner … .than, hardly … .When, scarcely … .When, else … than, else … .but
– He is both a fool and a knave (noun noun)
– She is both wise and good (adjective to adjective)
– He should either work or go (verb to verb)
– He behaved neither wisely nor kindly (adverb to adverb)
– He is so tired that he can not run
– Such was her beauty
– No sooner had I left
– Hardly had I left the room
– Scarcely had
– She has none else than her mother
– She has none else but her mother ..

Interjection (আবেগ সূচক অব্যয়):

যে word মনের আবেগ প্রকাশ করে, তাকে interjection বলে। Interjection একটি ভিন্নধর্মী Part of speech। অন্যান্য part of speech -এর মত বাক্যের অন্যান্য word বা অংশের সাথে Interjection -এর প্রত্যক্ষ সম্পৃক্ততা নেই ।
Alas! He is dead.
Interjection আবেগ বা Emotion হচ্ছে sudden change of mind। অর্থাৎ interjection মনের কোন হঠাৎ পরিবর্তিত অবস্থাকে ব্যক্ত করে। এ পরিবর্তিত অবস্থা আনন্দের বা দুখেঃর, যে কোন ধরনের হতে পারে।
Hurrah ! Today is holiday. (কী মজা- Interjection)
Alas ! He is dead. (হায়- Interjection)
Oh ! What a nice view. (আহা- Interjection)
Bravo ! You have done well